April in Paris: Flowers, Showers, Markets

April in Paris flowers 2

Apr 10, 08:27 AM

April showers, April flowers

April showers, April flowers, April market produce that sings of “spring”…

As everyone knows April is the month in Paris when “thrill” rhymes with “chill” (I’m quoting from my own book about Paris…).

Paris in April flowers 1

Spring greenery is not only beautiful, it’s edible: fresh tender baby peas, artichokes, asparagus… fresh fruit from the four corners of the globe (locavores must pardon Parisians: the city is north of Montreal and we don’t get much to eat if we don’t ship it in during cold months).

April in Paris flowers 3

April in Paris flowers 4 Our favorite markets: Boulevard Richard Lenoir (Bastille, 4th/11th arrondissements), Marche’ d’Aligre (12th arrondissement), Marche’ Biologique Raspail (organic market, 6th arrondissement).

April in Paris Bastille market For these markets and reliable Paris market information, addresses and hours from the City of Paris click here

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