Affordable elegance: Baccarat perfume bottles

Posted | Updated: Jun 02, 2010

There’s always a conflict raging inside my soul: with limited funds, do I choose to save my money for travel or do I indulge my taste for French elegance?

At last, a solution and a surprise – some Baccarat crystal perfume bottles are very, very inexpensive. On a whim and because I love French perfume, I looked up perfume bottles. You can actually buy beautiful Baccarat crystal perfume bottles for $10 – or, of course, you can go up into the hundreds and thousands. The older the bottle and the better the condition of the paper perfume label, the higher the price. Oddly, there appears to be a premium if the perfume is still in the bottle, regardless of how old it is. Note to self: perfume does not last forever. Enjoy it.

Can you imagine owning a piece of French crystal for so little? Beauty, elegance, and affordability.

BTW: This might be a good time to buy euros. It appears the euro is at a temporary low, so even if you’re not going anywhere right away, you might want to stock up now. NOTE and DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and this is
not financial advice. It’s just something I’ve read in a couple of places.

Onward to France!

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