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Posted | Updated: Jan 18, 2011

One of the authors who most influenced me in my meandering life was Henry Miller. His Paris exploits weren’t set in the luxurious lobbies of today’s high priced hotels, where the price of a night’s stay would equal about half of ol’ Henry’s annual salary, but in the more interesting tattered-wallpaper, flea-bag hotels—which had a certain amount of Parisian charm.

Concerning my own excursions in Paris, I remember with considerable fondness the cheap hotels in which I’ve stayed. The rooms were compact, the baths down the hall, the clientele “interesting” as my mother would say if you put down a plate of steaming calimari in front of her so that the squids wiggled a little upon landing. These old rooms had absorbed the flavor of Paris like the squids absorbed the wine you dumped in. That was the thing. Flavor. I remember these rooms with fondness still today, 30 years later.

This morning Lonely Planet newsletter gave a shout-out to the Hotel De La Herse d’Or, a one-star hotel in the heart of the City of Light. My lust for Paris was rekindled. The doorway, wedged between adjoining businesses, was uninspiring, frightening even, as a good budget Paris hotel should be.

But alas, what is behind the door is spiffed-up Parisian renovation. Color and wi-fi now saturate the rooms. Well, the joint is still cheap (by today’s standards) so you might like to know about it. See more pictures or book if you want: Hotel De La Herse d’Or

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